Migrating your Oracle BPM assets into Oracle Process Cloud Service (PCS)

If you are already an Oracle BPM user, it is likely that you might have heard or even ventured in its respective cloud version called Oracle Process Cloud Service (aka PCS). Essentially, Oracle PCS is a solution that enables you to rapidly design, automate, and manage business processes, as well as it is done with Oracle BPM, however the major advantage is that you can do everything in the cloud, without any concerns with infrastructure installation, setup and provisioning, keeping IT teams focused on high-value projects rather than endless tuning, monitoring, troubleshooting and workarounds, as regularly it is required to be done for on-premise projects, which in turn, allows you to focus on the business value of your solution, that is what really matters when talking about Business Process Management.


My experiences from the Field with Cloud, Blockchain, AI, Chatbot, Mobile, Container & Cloud Native technologies

The goal of this blog is to share advanced use cases of experiences that I have with Oracle products and solutions used for a variety of customers from different industries in the field about Cloud, Mobile, Oracle Fusion Middleware and other related technologies that are not necessarily documented, but that will truly guide users on how to implement multi product architecture and overcome issues and/or any product limitations while making all pieces working together in a smoothly way. Topics covered are Cloud, PaaS, Mobile, PCS, BPM Suite, ICS, SOA Suite, MCS, MAF, JET, DOCS and Webcenter among other cool Oracle technologies spurring an incredible adoption among different type of customers in the marketplace.